Scepan Mali


Montenegrin ruler Scepan Mali successfully ruled Montenegro from 1767 to 1773. He was table in Donji Brceli, Crmnica. His rule is very significant for Montenegro and in memory of the ruler, our wine bears his name. He was buried in the circle of St. Nicholas Monastery, Donji Brčeli.

Superb red wine Scepan Mali is produced from autochthonous varieties Vranac, Kratosija and Fox, dark ruby ​​color, specific bouquet that comes from the oak barrel barrels in which the wine matures.
Scepan Mali is consumed with game, red meat and local specialties, prosciutto and homemade sausage.

“During his reign, he was successful,
and crimson wine drank. In memory of the ruler
and his works, wine shall drink all generations.”

It is packaged in 0.75 liter glass containers.

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