Poskok wine

This exclusive red wine is named by reptile viper ammodytes and in Montenegrin we call it Poskok. This viper has been residing in Crmnica and our vineyards from time. The name represents the specific taste and strength of the wine. It has been produced from authentic grape types like Vranac, Kratosija and Lisica that grow in specific locations of Crmnica. The harvest is completed as late as possible in autumn what makes the grapes slightly drier and sweeter and it turns into a specific red ruby colour. The taste of this wine is ever so slightly hinting on drier and sweeter grapes.
It is served with game, red meats, marinated fish, carp and trout. Because of the grapes selection and specific production we produce it in limited quantities.


Poskok is packaged in 0.5 litter bottles.



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