Poskok wine

Premium red wine is named after the reptilian viper ammodytes, settled in Crmnicki the climate and our vineyards. The name indicates the specific taste and strength of the wine.
It is produced from autochthonous varieties Vranac, Kratosija and Fox, reared in a specially selected locality with by picking late harvest, when the grapes turn dry and give a special red ruby ​​color and a discrete taste of dryness.
Served with venison, red meat and marinated fish, carp and trout. Due to the selection of grapes and the specificity of production, Poskok is produced in limited quantities.

“When the sun goes up into the crimson borders,
make up for the jump from the hot karst,
so it hisses toward the water,
it goes through vineyards where the path takes him.”

It is packaged in 0.50 liter glass containers.


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