In the south of Montenegro, in the basin of the Skadar Lake a region called Crmnica is situated and has been known for the cultivation of the grapevines and production of grappa and red wine “Vranac” known for its premium quality.

Not far from the Skadar Lake is a village called Donje Brceli on around 300m altitude above the sea level. The position and the infrastructure of the village is very good because its distance from the coastline is around 18 km, Cetinje 21 km and Podgorica 36 km. Because of its position it represents the link between continental and Mediterranean parts of Montenegro. The village has been known throughout the history of Montenegro: Balsic family built their endowments during their reign; in the 18th century King Danilo built his winter residence the Petrovic Monastery; in the 15th century Jelena Balsic constructed the Monastery in Donje Brceli, part of this Monastery is St Nikola Church where King Scepan Mali was buried.

Kopitovic family settled in the village of Donji Brceli in Crmnica in the 15th century. We have a long history of vine cultivation, especially types like Vranac and Kratosija. Vineyards are situated in ideal altitude above the sea level exposed to the sun during many days of the year. Old tavern is part of our winery and is over 300 years old. In the old days it was used for production and storing of wine and grappa. We are continuing this tradition with the introduction of modern technologies that maintain the quality of the wine from this region. The quantities are limited since the main importance is the quality of our products.

As part of the family home, we’ve built the wine tasting restaurant in authentic style where you can taste our wines and grappa as well as traditional cuisine. We also organize day trips that include visit to the Monastery, Church, river Opacac where you can swim if that’s what you fancy.

For everyone that enjoys good glass of wine or a shot of grappa, homemade cuisine and countryside ambiance this is the best choice.

Wine tasting restaurant
Organised trips

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