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In the south of Montenegro, in the basin of Skadar Lake, there is a Crmnica region since ancient times, known for the cultivation of vines and the production of red wine from autochthonous varieties Vranac, Kratosija and Fox.

Not far from Lake Skadar, seven kilometers from Virpazar is the village of Donji Brceli at 300m above sea level. The location and infrastructure of the village is very good because it is 18 km away from the sea, 21 km from Cetinje, 36 km from Podgorica so that it connects the continental and coastal zones. The village is well known by many, where the Balsici built their endowments, in the 17th century. Bishop Danilo built his winter residence at Petrovic Monastery in the 15th century. Jelena Balšić built the Monastery in Donji Brčeli, within which is the church of Sv. Nicholas where Emperor Scepan Mali was buried.

The Kopitović family settled in Donji Brčeli in the 15th century and since ancient times has been involved in the cultivation of vines and the production of red wines from indigenous varieties. The vineyards are located at an ideal altitude, lit by many sunny days and fertile land.

Within the house there is a cellar over three hundred years old that used to produce and store wine and brandy. The tradition continues with the application of the necessary modern technological methods that do not change the already recognizable quality of Crmnica wine. The wine is produced in limited quantities because it wants to achieve good quality.

As part of the family home, an authentic-style tasting restaurant has been created to give you the opportunity to taste local wine and brandy as well as local traditional cuisine.

For all lovers of wine, brandy and local cuisine and the rural setting, this is the right choice.

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